Donkeys of Western Samoa

Sam, the Donkey of Western Samoa
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This native Samoan Donkey (Burritus Samosae) was captured on paper by Renee French, the noted wildlife illustrator and pool player.

This full-grown male donkey (Sam) stands tall at 5 hands, towering over native grasses and dandelions alike. The large ears are believed to be an adaption to allow the donkey to hear Samoan children, known for their habit of creeping up on donkeys and trying to pin tails on them. The large eyes allow the donkey to see carrots at enormous distances. They also cause the owners of the carrots to sigh "Oh, how cute!", thus leaving their carrots temporarily undefended. Samoan donkeys are able to outrun even the fastest root vegetables. They are normally solitary animals, but have been known to hunt in packs when large quantities of food are available.